16 place settings for Monday

It was questionable if a certain member of our group would actually get in today. It wasn’t concern about the water temp, which was a balmy 80F today, and it certainly wasn’t  motivation issues.  What, then, might have kept Jeff O. From getting in? Anyone?  He couldn’t find the skimmer for his daily hairball patrol!  Sheer entertainment this man is! We love you, buddy! 

Jeff must have a hairball across his face…image

Brian and Kathy (below) cranking out some rest!


Craik, glad to be done and Willie and Becky wishing for just one more set before the work day begins…



Here is today’s testament that you have self worth, or at least some discipline…



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2 Responses to 16 place settings for Monday

  1. Jim Green says:

    To know Jeff is to love him. That is really the only emotion you can have.

  2. BJ says:

    So funny. And yes we do adore Jeff!

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