Sunday Chapel And Lake Update

This morning’s swim service at Asheville School had chapel attendees Ed W., Ruth R., Becky K., Nancy C., Larry H. (fresh off his race yesterday) and moi…Silky smooth water and good company is always fun, helping to make the yards pass much more quickly!


Here’s the pathetically slow lake filling at Enka/ Biltmore today…looks like they added a lot of sand and the water is roughly 75 feet out from normal shore line. The lake failed its water quality test last week and the HOA will test weekly, as they do each summer. We’ll stay at Asheville School on Sundays until water test passes🐠💩👣


One thought on “Sunday Chapel And Lake Update

  1. Fathers Day on the Georgia Tech Pool Deck: The boy had a good meet. First 400 IM 4:45, First 200 IM 2:12, 50 fly 26:9, 100 fly 59:3 other stuff too. Long Course Meters

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