Pool OPEN ! Tuesday & Thursday back ON! Reminders!

We are ON for Sunday swim 7-9am. Asheville School  pool re-opened yesterday.

Also, beginning next week for at least the next 3 weeks we are back on for Tuesday and Thursday 5:45-7:15am swim.  Please squeeze into three lanes at 6:30am if Asheville Swim Club arrives. Thank you.

REMINDERS:   On Sundays,  after I-or someone writes a work out, it’s fun to stay together with a lane or two. Please watch out for each other at all times.  If you don’t know someone introduce yourself. If we have guests from out of town, please have them sign in with an emergency contact number. If they’re  registered with USMS, we only need a phone number. If not affiliated with USMS, we need a waiver filled out.

Drop in fee for all visitors and guests is $10 per swim.  If your guest doesn’t have it, please offer it up on your own.  Your help in reminding our friends and guests from out of town that there is a fee is greatly appreciated.

USMS registration is required for your participation beyond your initial 30 day waiver,  and only one waiver may be filled out by the same person. Please make sure your emergency contact number is correct which is next to your name in the attendance book. Please check yourself in daily by going directly to book before diving in. Thank you!


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