Bill B. Endures and Crushes Boston Swim Run and Coach Daniel’s Last Wednesday On Deck!

Congratulations to our teammate Bill B. who endured and persevered through almost 4 miles of swimming and 15 miles of running in the Boston Harbor last weekend as part of the Boston Swim Run, all with a smile on his face. Bill said he had never battled such strong currents with the first half mile being brutal, and instead of being plucked out of the harbor like 15 other swimmers he put his head down (literally) and focused on technique, stroke length and relaxing! He also said he really felt fantastic and had a great experience in the very challenging conditions. Well done, EnduroBill!

Wednesday will be your final opportunity to have Coach Daniel on deck and enjoy his often sprint-oriented workout. Come wish him well before he takes off for almost- heaven, West Virginia. Thanks for all your time with us Daniel, we’ve loved it and we wish you all the best.

Please notice how Rick P. looms most manly in this group shot!

Here’s a short clip from Bhramari Brewery last week…

We’ve got a handful of folks swimming in the 1st annual Fontana Lake Swim this Saturday! Water is pretty warm right now, everyone is hoping for cooler conditions. If it’s above 85° water temp slow and steady and plenty of hydration is the key!! Have fun, send me any pics you like and I’ll try to post them, please limit what you send me to the best 2-3 pics you have🤪

Here a few workouts from recently

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