Gate Access at Asheville School and Toys for Tots collection.

A gentle reminder to all from our kind hosts: if the gate at the Asheville School does not respond to you keying in the correct code, please call the number for security clearly visible on outside wall of gate shack – directly behind the keypad.

Please do not try to access gate any other way. Thanks!

Also, there’s still time to GIVE!

⚽️ This year the Edward Jones office of Jeff Weller and Susan Weaver has the privilege and pleasure of being a drop off location for the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves 🏸 Toys for Tots program. If you would like to support this wonderful cause please bring a new -but NOT gift wrapped- toy 🥏 to the pool and Jeff will collect after each of our workouts. Or, you may drop off your gift 🥁 at the Edward Jones office located at:

929 New Leicester Highway, Suite 9, Asheville, NC 28806, by December 10.

Thank you kindly!🧩