Kingsport Aquatic Center Meet Info, A Call to Socialize, A Continuous Promotional Opportunity for your Business and our February Workout Review!

The Kingsport Aquatic Center Viperfish Masters has a St. Patrick’s Day swimming meet coming up March 14, and they’ve sent along the link to the meet entry info seen here!

Also, isn’t it time we socialized outside of the pool? Anyone? Anyone?! Lots of ways to do it, and March is golden for this. Who’d like to take the lead on this please?

Next, If you’d like to get some free publicity about the work you do, just send me a blurb about your business, your contact info, a logo or link to whatever it is you’d like for people to see and/or go to, and I’ll begin to put that out there! We’ve got a ridiculously awesome group of professionals among us with a wide range of expertise, and it would be great to realize that what you’ve been looking for or NEED is likely swimming in a lane nearby!

Please send anything you’d like for me to publish to

Lastly, here are most of the month’s workouts for you to mull over, print, make notes on, reminisce about…

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