Swimmer Check~In

Hello, Happy Spring and I hope this finds you exceptionally well!

As we cautiously navigate towards the end date of our current North Carolina stay-at-home measures (tentatively set to be lifted April 29th) we hope to return to our beloved water world at The Asheville School.

All decisions regarding our swim club’s status there will be made by the administration at Asheville School and are out of our hands.

Coronavirus reportedly does not transmit in chlorinated environments, but there are other factors that affect this decision, such as close contact in lanes/ breathing in close proximity and locker room etiquette, etc., all of which will be considered. More news on or after the 29th.

Some good news—we WILL be able to swim open water at a private residence on Lake Summit likely starting late next week or first weekend in May.

We will need to stagger start times to include social distance measures and have a longer window of time (that you will need to sign up for) and provide your own orange float buoy while you swim.

Current water temperature is in low 60’s and video of Jakub J. and Bill B. below is from two weeks ago when water was in the upper 50’s.

More very soon!

Finally, here are a couple fun reads from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, as well as a challenge and cringe-worthy cautions below while working out at home during this indoor swimming hiatus…

Rick P. has been bulking up and asked if you’re ready to help him move his truck!?
Careful when doing these things at home🦾🦵🏽🧜🏽‍♀️👯‍♂️

It’s been great to touch base with so many of you recently. if we’ve not yet connected please don’t hesitate to reach out and catch up anyway we’re able🐬🐙🦑 Much love~Coach Andrew (did you know I also sell real estate? Yeah, five years now! I’ll be glad to help you (or extended family) in anyway you need-in any state!

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