*Alternate Pool Use Info* and Fun Stuff This Weekend

Asheville Masters Swimming will be using alternative pool space through early September due to the “closed campus” status at our regular pool at Asheville School beginning now. All external groups using their facilities will take a 5-week hiatus and be re-evaluated at that time while their fall semester gets ramped up. No swimming at Asheville School until further notice.

There are many pool options in and around the area, but two in particular are currently easy to access: Buncombe County Schools Aquatics Center on the grounds of TCRoberson High School has 10 lanes and 25 yards, 2 per lane, and is open MWF from 6am – 8am AND 11am – 1pm. Masks required and there IS locker room use available! Each locker room has exactly ONE shower (!) and there are 2 showers ON the pool deck.

FEES for this pool are $5 per swim or $45 for a 15~punch pass card. If you’ve already submitted fees to our Asheville Masters Swimming group for either the six-month pass (for the back end of 2020) or paid a $60 fee for August then we have your fees covered during this time so please provide your name at desk and sign in with an emergency contact number at the Buncombe County Pool between 6-8am OR 11a-1pm on MWF.

Ian and I will write a workout and post it to this blog each MWF before 6am and be at the pool with a written workout for your lane. We will not be able to coach from the deck but will likely be swimming with you most mornings.

A second pool option that is easy is the 50 meter outdoor Patton Pool in Hendersonville. Just a 25 minute drive from downtown AVL, this is $5 per swim and they have steady swimmer traffic. Click HERE for Map and see hours for lap swim HERE.

You’re always welcome to print ANY workout from this website and use, reuse, adjust to whatever suits you during your swim!

TONIGHT (Saturday, August 8th) Anyone is welcome to meet between 5pm – 7pm at Blue Ghost Brewing Company in Fletcher to enjoy the Cousins Maine Lobster Truck as they offer up their signature Lobstah Roll from 4p-9pm  See Facebook post here. Blue Ghost does have other menu options seen HERE!

Also, tomorrow on Sunday, August 9th from 8am – 11am, Steve and Dale Bradshaw have opened up their Lake Lure home for us to swim Open Water in the cove! Cell service is spotty there so please have directions in GPS already:) Steve’s cell is 828*423*3982, there’s a chance he’ll get a text:)

Click here for map/address. Swimming with an orange safety buoy is still highly recommended, and these are the best few hours for low boat traffic. 5 parking spots available, but not limited to that during the morning. If you come down please come to swim with cordial physical distancing in effect, as they say, and THANK YOU for watching out for one another all the time:)

Have fun, be safe, and remember: one of the best ways to calm yourself down in an Open Water situation where you may find yourself a bit wigged out for whatever reason…Be thankful to the water. Thank it for buoyancy, for sharing space and supporting you and for all the creatures willing to peacefully share their space with you. It’s remarkably effective and immediate. I look forward to hearing how it works for you!

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