A Local Challenge

Our friend and swimming companion Jimbo Cottam has a new swim event this fall and has thrown down the gauntlet to the Asheville Masters Swimming folks to a good ole fashion distance challenge🤪

Jimbo says he will beat any two of us and the cumulative mileage swum for our best/most mileaged duo for the entire month of September! 🐬🐙 This can be any of us who choose to kick it up a notch and does not need to be determined before the end of the month. Anyone up for a challenge?

Fair warning, Jimbo started fresh on September 1st averaging 4 miles per day. That’s A LOT. We’re already playing catch-up!🤪🦑🦞

This September’s month of swims for Jimbo and the total distance completed is in honor of, and to raise funds for Jimbo’s brother-in-law, Brad Dillon, as he is battling serious health issues. To read more and or donate. Go to ‘That Dam Swim’ and background info found here!

Jimbo, Catherine and Brad

Here is Friday’s workout, September 4th, 2020. Enjoy and challenge someone near you🔆🐬

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