**It’s likely that the YMCA Piranhas swim club begins morning workouts tomorrow and there may just be five lines available. We can swim as many as 4 per Lane, as that is what is now allowed with phase 3-which is 50% capacity. I would encourage no more than 2 at each end and circle swimming of course.

If you are able to swim the second hour, 7 AM to 8 AM, that may be an advantage for you for space. It will be crowded the first hour. Fair warning-Having your own half a lane is unlikely🦞🦑🐙🐬

**If you feel OFF or ILL 🤢 for any reason please stay home. At pool: Masks in/out and temperature taken upon arrival**

Glad to still be swimming in a beautiful facility! We’re still at same pool (TCRoberson campus) at least through this Friday the 9th🌞

Tomorrow we’ll make the link available for the zoom meeting for Tuesday, October 6th at 6 PM for a 30 minute open forum session.

Here is Monday’s swim:

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