Tuesday 6pm Zoom Forum

Asheville Masters swimmers, please join the board for an open forum listening session Zoom call tonight from 6:00 – 6:40 PM. Drinks are optional.

Click Here for Zoom link anytime after 5:57pm, please use video so we can see you but mute your mic unless you are speaking.

Why are we having this? We thought it might be fun. And the club’s Board of Directors is meeting immediately after on their own zoom call and like to meet a few times a year to discuss budget, scheduling, pool options, coaching, social events, meet options, web site, fees/rents and more.

We haven’t had much extended social beyond brief comings and goings at pool…are there things on your mind?

What else would you like to see this group doing, incorporating, etc? Would you like to have a stint on the board?

I’ll fill you in on what I know about Asheville School, but we’re in limbo there until updates from them this Friday.

We can discuss how the nine weeks we spent at the Buncombe County pool have been for folks and if there are adjustments that you’d like to make (if possible ) if we are continuing on there.

Join if you can, we’ll see you then. Have a great day. Andrew.

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