Kudos to Recent Racers !

At least a handful of our friends and teammates were racing last weekend on various courses in pretty awesome conditions. Here’s a look…

Locally, Willie McCourt was the overall woman’s winner at the Lake Logan MultiSport event in the swim/bike, completing 1500m in the chili waters of Lake Logan and 24 miles on the bike, congratulations!

Meanwhile, Misty Varnell was crushing it on her very first half Iron WoMan at the same venue, see results here. Her time of 6:09 was good for second place in her age group!

Misty reports that “the hardest parts were the long steep climb on the bike at mile 40 and the second lap of uphill from about mile 6-9 on the run. The water felt great and the weather was perfect today. Overall, the race felt really great!” Wow and well done Misty!

Lifted from HS’s InstaGram🌞

And, our friends from UNCA who have swum with us here and there completed their very first triathlon at the same Lake Logan event, Hannah Stuart and Liz Murray crushed their first triathlons!

Hannah and Liz pic lifted from EM’s InstaGram🌞

On the same day way up north in Casco Bay Maine, our friend Bill Butcher was cranking out 3 miles of swimming and 10 miles of running, intermittently at the Odyssey Swim/Run event. After fatiguing early in the swim he found a new comfortable groove that he said felt fantastic as he finished in control. Sightings of a 24-foot great white shark the night before the race had the harbormaster declaring they might have to call the event, but alas, no casualties!

Bill at finish

Well done stud people! Your DOING of these events and get-after-it attitudes inspire all🌞

The city’s RecPark Pool is open this weekend 12p-6p, they always have two lanes available for lap swim, if you’re looking for a beautiful pool venue, three dollars will get you in!

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