Holiday Week and Sunday Breakfast at Home Ground!

Regular swim Thursday and Friday this week at 5:45 AM. Come join us if able!

*Sunday, January 2 we will start 30 minutes early (6:30am-8:30am) allowing a bit more time to complete what has become our annual monster workout where we swim all three days of the (former) college championship format! I will be adjusting all events from previous years, with new and fun angles.

This includes all distances in every event contested, including 5 relays, with the exception of the 1000 freestyle. Add it all up and it totals 6000 yards. If you were really motivated and wanted to get the extra 1000 freestyle in—which is a contested event at the NCAA level—that would bring your total yardage to 7000🤪🐬

After the swim, let’s head back to Home Ground in West Asheville at 219 Amboy Road for a little social breakfast! It’s got many delicious items, check it out here!

A gentle reminder to all that Asheville School expects us to wear masks everywhere inside the building until we get to the pool deck.

If you’ve been suffering from, or experience any symptoms of illness in any form the morning of a swim or prior to arrival please do not come. Thanks!

Sunday’s swim was 4000 yards of delightful joy and no record of it🐙🐡🐬🐠

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