Lovely Time at Lake Lure

Thank you to Steve and Dale Bradshaw who opened up their beautiful home on Lake Lure yesterday for a morning of beautiful open water swimming and a delicious breakfast and camaraderie.

We had a dozen of us down there, 10 in the water swimming and two awesome safety boaters and paddlers! Thank you to Lisa Kiebzak and Emily Pulsifer for providing eyes on us as we swam in and out of coves along the shore in about 83°F water temp.

The gathering prior to shoving off…

We had a couple of guests join us while visiting town and we hope that they will join us when they move here later next year!
R to L: Amy King, Adrienne Kramer, Willie McCourt, Ava Kilpatrick, Amy Cocanour, Dale McCourt, Andrew Pulsifer, Steve Bradshaw, Meagan Gnibus and Josh Bentzen (pc Lisa K)
(pc LK)
Heading out (pc LK)
Emily Pulsifer (not pictured Lisa Kiebzak in kayak!, pc LK)
Our gracious hosts Steve Bradshaw, providing an exceptional tour of the lake and information about every other household on the lake🐠🌞
Steve, Josh, Meagan, Amy K., Emily, Lisa, Adrienne on our tour.
The beauty is all around us!
Lisa and Adrienne
Amy K.
Josh and Meagan
Emily and Andrew

Thank you so much, what a wonderful way to spend the morning!

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