Bridges to Bluffs 10k Swim

Congratulations to Misty Varnell and Adrienne Kramer for crushing their 10K swim in the Tennessee river this past weekend in Knoxville at the annual Bridges to Bluffs event!

Lisa Kiebzak-kayak pilot, Adrienne Kramer-swimmer, Misty Varnell-swimmer, Elena-kayak pilot

The race report from the swimmers:

“We had a great swim today! This pic was on the river boat night before (Elena is my pilot, we grew up together on swim team!) Misty finished in 2:37 and Adrienne swimming butterfly was 3:07! The weather was perfect, cloudy and a little sun near the end. Water felt great! The last 1/3 was pretty hard and the current slowed down. Overall great course and we had a lot of fun this weekend!”

Check out this Instagram Reel by Lisa K !

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