Upstate Splash Open Water Swim on Lake Jocassee

The eighth annual Upstate Splash Open Water Swim for charity was another picture perfect day in South Carolina this past weekend! After event operating expenses and lead by all volunteers from the Greenville Splash Masters Swimming group, proceeds benefit those least likely to get instruction by providing over 3600 individuals with swimming lessons in the past seven years!

Asheville Masters Swimmers in the front and a few friends from the Charlotte Masters in back!

Check out the pre race video view by clicking in blank area!:

Pre-Race anticipation!

Having enjoyed seven of the last eight of these events, this lake is absolutely gorgeous with water this consistently 78 to 80°, crystal clear, and a lot of fun even when it’s a bit choppy in one of two directions… because that means the 2nd and 4th leg of the two loops means you’re getting a little bit of a wave ride! I personally couldn’t have felt better, it was incredible.

The 1.2 mile Loop, twice for the 2.4 miler.

This was the first time here for Amy Cocanour (Birthday gal on race day🎉🐬🌞) and Jim Green~Both of whom raced in a mountain bike event the morning after~ and also for our newer teammates Carly Watson and Jim Dugan~ who admirably chased the college kids in Wave #1!

Amy Cocanour (seasoned racer but first timer here) and Kathleen Moore, multi-finisher!
Pre race Zen Jim Green went 1.2 miles
Carly Watson (Seasoned but 1st timer!), Misty Varnell (seasoned multi coming off of a 10K swim last Sunday! ), Jim Dugan (seasoned but 1st timer!), Amy Cocanour (multiple Ironman++ seasoned but 1st timer here!)
The real Madame Butterfly, Adrienne Kramer, 2.4 miles fly here after 6.2 miles fly last weekend!

If you missed out this year, put it on your calendar to sign up for this event in April when it opens up, it’s an event you don’t want to miss, and next year they’re reserving a handful of campsites for participants via lottery! Congratulations everyone!

Here are the workouts for the past week you may have done in the pool:

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