5 Recent Swims of Record!

Starting with last Wednesday’s Valentine’s Day Special, here is the VD workout that was very catching (!) Written by Jeff W. and Adrienne: 3F93E23C-EA16-4DD1-B313-742B50A15CB3.jpeg

The next three are from me:A0F2C911-D0CA-4013-911A-70F3E0678B551355FA6F-DD72-4647-A55D-72A9A4B989ABAF1C4DF6-A91B-47D9-99A4-8F4B4B1A17B3

And today’s IM doozy from young Daniel:F4FA88C0-9B3C-40F9-9E06-30DDACC76BAC.jpeg

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One Response to 5 Recent Swims of Record!

  1. lonnielep says:

    Looking for a swim coach for upcoming National and World Triathlon Championships (Age Group)… any suggestions?

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