6-month Dues Now Being Received, July 4th time + Workout Records

*Wed, July 4th will be 6-730am .

July means many wonderful things including just how grateful Asheville Masters Swimming is to have pools to use/enjoy and have folks with drive to get there with healthy (enough) bodies to be able to swim and socialize! Thank you!

If you pay 6-month dues to Asheville Masters, fees may now be paid using PayPal , putting in this address as the receiver: ashevillemastersswimming@gmail.com

Or, if necessary, checks made payable to “Asheville Masters Swimming, Inc.,” or the solid Green Back will do…

  • Monthly (1st through last day of actual month) $60
  • Six months $300
  • Drop in fee $10 per swim -Local visitor or out of town guests.

Thanks to Marty for coaching the past 5 Wednesday swims!

Andrew will be there this Wed/Fri, Jakub will be filling in next week on Mon/Fri, and Daniel returns next week!

Here are many recent swims together, recorded:












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