Gorgeous Jocassee !

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this wonderful swimming event this past weekend. I think we had 11 swimmers from Asheville Masters: Alice A., Adrienne K., Lisa K., Renee M., Jill H., Greg P., Holli D, BJ B., Andrew P., Geoffrey R., and Kathy R. and many of their family with us, it was GREAT! Please let me know if I’ve left you off the list of happy Lake Jocassee Upstate Splash 1.2 or 2.4 mile swimmers:)

The day was just gorgeous…


With 83-85F air, high clouds & wind increasing all morning, chop and current also getting stronger during swim. Super fun conditions, clear & gorgeous water at comfy temperature-81F! This is just a cool event for an essential cause with some really great people!!

See race results HERE and click different boxes for different result views, duh!

Check out wind in video below:

(pc Sarah Hart above)

(pc Sarah Hart above)                              (pc Sarah Hart above)


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