Workout Videos, Interesting Articles, A Wedding! And Stuff…

Hey Asheville Masters, Hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful weather this weekend before our more formal North Carolina shelter guidelines go into place!

We’ll start posting short takes of y’all working out with most any video you send me showing you doing something to stay/get fit!

Get creative and send to my text 828768.24one7 or Here’s the first one from our ol’ friend and Coach Daniel D. sending this spooky attic sweat fest shot from West Virginia! Oh, And, CONGRATULATIONS to Daniel and Sara! They got hitched on March 14, 2020!

Daniel in attic…

Thanks to our lanemate Tom F. who passed along this article on volume and intensity of exercise during this pandemic… What do you think? And a second story about how peers are adapting to what works now! Fun read.

Here’s Lisa K. And Adrienne K. in their amazing workout studio, using the classic Vasa Trainer, dumbbells, heavy jump rope and kettle bell

And our friend Bill B. on his Wahoo trainer and basement set up!

Keep them coming and I will post when I get them as soon as I can.

Open water update: Lake Summit was 60°F at the surface yesterday and 57°F below and although I made a valiant attempt, I opted for paddle boarding instead!

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