Spring Means Outside!

Here are a few more videos to get your weekend started right! BJ doing a quick run through…

and with spouse Renee, who just happened to published a book on people dealing with COVID-19 issues! Here’s a link! Congratulations and thank you!

Here’s Ricky Poo taking a break from his electrical business staying fit at his truck! He makes it look easy because they are.

Our friends Kathy R. And newlyweds Coach Daniel D. and Sara happened to meet on the Mountains to Sea Trail today. Small world!

And here’s a 3-stroke dryland-combo-goody using an easy stretch cord – do this for 45 to 60 seconds, rest for 15, 5 to 6x through. Break it up into individual sets in to 20 or 30 exercises of each style and enjoy!

Keep sending me stuff please! I hope you enjoy seeing your lane mates in a different light. Stay well!

One thought on “Spring Means Outside!

  1. Just put on a wet suit and go for it.  It is cold but it’s worth it.  I stayed in for a mile swim today with water temps in the 50’s.  Love your website. Sandy ( Southern IL Masters swimmer) Southern Illinois Masters swimmer


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