Pool Update and Memorial Day Weekend Open Water Info

Howdy Asheville Masters Swimmers! With phase 2 of the North Carolina reopening happening, pools are opening slowly and with caution. We hope to have Sundays at the Jewish Community Center beginning June 7th (UNconfirmed as of today) and we are slated to be back in the water at The Asheville School Monday, June 8th. That is also pending how their new cleaning staff and crew manage the new protocols.

We will most likely offer TWO morning sessions when we do begin, 5:30am – 6:30am and 6:45am to 7:45am. This will allow us to have 2-people per lane, 12 max in pool at any one time, as this will meet NC guidelines. Be thinking about your preference to early or late start as we’ll likely have a sign up for that!

Also, we will need to arrive in bathing suit ready to swim, entering the glass doors, following the instructions about where to disrobe on the pool deck, starting at opposite ends of the pool from your lane mate, NOT using a locker room (bathrooms will likely be available with protocol tbd), and re-dressing at end of your hour and exiting the building same way entered.

Here are the guidelines published by USMS this week that many other masters groups are already implementing.

We CAN DO THIS!! More info the week prior.

JCC is hoping to open to the public on June 1, so, if you bought a pass pre-pandemic, it’s likely still good! Go and use and let us know how it goes for you:)

With all the rain this week the water is very high and less clear at Lake Summit than last weekend’s gorgeous conditions, but still inviting!

I’ll be there on Saturday and Sunday again from 8am – 11:30am both days. Text me the time you hope to arrive and swim~ and for the address. 828.768.two4one7.

Orange buoys a MUST. Wetsuits for those prone to chill are recommended. A partner to either swim with you or SUP or kayak next to you is highly recommended. Thanks for being exceptionally responsible:)

Town of Tuxedo has restrooms that are open at public park just before the left turn onto S. Lake Summit Rd.

Please utilize these facilities prior to arriving at our spot. Emergency contact info will be collected, too, and physical distancing still in play, of course.

Text me and come swim this weekend!

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