Swimming Resumes! RSVP to Swim with Asheville Masters @ The Asheville School!

Beginning Monday, June 8th, two sessions will be offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to re-start the Asheville Masters Swimming group, with your reservation link below. Hurray!

You will have a choice between 5:30am-6:30am OR 6:40am-7:40am, with reservations being required for each session. If you typically enjoy the early session or need to exit prompty for work, sign up for 5:30am! If you’re typically a late arriver, sign up for the 6:40am:)

Please click here to reserve your spot for either the 5:30am-6:30am or the 6:40am-7:40am each day. Thank you for honoring your slot for each reservation you make.

Please see The Asheville School’s adopted Covid-19 protocol below that comes directly from the CDC, State of North Carolina, Buncombe County and USA Swimming and our AMS group will need to follow these guidelines.

Workouts will be written and coached by both Andrew Pulsifer and Ian Quinn, and they’ll be trying a few different scheduling ideas and shared workouts to see what works best, with each coach swimming or coaching one of the sessions.

All swimmer’s names on our club’s roster will be submitted and held at Asheville School’s security gate and will be checked each day. The previous gate code we used is now obsolete as there will be an attendant 24/7.

Highlights from the protocol list:

  • Enter and exit ONLY through glass doors on side of pool.
  • Physical distancing is to be maintained, no matter how much you want to hug~for now! Masks entering and exiting are a good thing! Respect the space between.
  • Come with bathing suit ON, ready to swim~no locker room usage before or after swim.
  • 2 swimmers per lane starting at opposite ends & never ending up at same end together.
  • Please bring your own equipment! No swim gear at pool available and no sharing of equipment.
  • Arriving on time gets you 60 minutes of swimming:)
  • No hanging around on deck for now!

Huge thanks to Sarah Bednar, Aquatics Director and our swimming friend for orchestrating this with The Asheville School’s administration and for being the one to clean between sessions for the first few weeks! We are one of just a few groups given access to this facility, so, let’s make it work for everyone:)

Other updates:

  • No organized weekend pool swims just yet as a group.
  • No Jewish Community Center Sunday swims as a group for now, but they are open for business with memberships and daily lap swim on your own. Kathy Ramirez and Jocelyn Robinson report good vibes and clean water today!
  • Open Water swims will be determined week-to-week. Notices will be blogged later each week.
  • Hendersonville’s Patton Pool is open and looks gorgeous and is outdoors and 50 meters.
  • If you’ve paid $300 for the first 6-months of 2020 you have a choice of getting either a $100 tax deductible charitable donation letter from Asheville Masters Swimming, Inc, a not-for-profit entity, Or, you may get a $100 credit towards the next 6 -months and pay just $200 from July-December.
Jocelyn Robinson at the JCC today!
Hendersonville’s Patton Pool, photo credit L.Moye

Summary: click on link above to reserve your spot each morning. We’ll see how this works. No guarantees if you arrive without first signing up. See you next week in the pool and more info about open water soon. Thank you, Coach Andrew!

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