Need Swim Equipment?

If you need a new bathing suit or any other piece of swim equipment, check out these two options for savings below: sells most major brands and the link directs you immediately to a 10% off pop up, which you can always unsubscribe from once you’ve gotten the discount. ALSO, when you get to the checkout page, enter SUMMER25 for an additional 25% off your order!

Next, an offer from JOLYN & FINIS comes from the southeast rep Kristi Falco, and she’s emailed this info recently so “we are prepared once pools do open up and everyone wants to dive back in (pun intended). The days of sharing communal kickboards, fins, snorkels, paddles, and other equipment may be over for now, and we want to help your swimmers be prepared for practice and feel confident for training when the time comes. Right now, FINIS is offering 20% off sitewide by using the discount code KFREP2020, and JOLYN is offering 15% sitewide for using the discount code KFREP2020 at checkout. By using these codes, you’re also supporting me and helping keep my business afloat during these challenging times :). 

JOLYN_FINIS poster.jpg

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