Friday, January 15, 2021

Whatever you do, enjoy your work out!🌞

Use these written sets as your template.

Swim as is…, or, adjust the intervals, adjust the efforts, adjust the reps, adjust the distance, adjust the equipment.

It’s a great work out every day if only for the sheer joy of being healthy enough to get to the pool, to do the work out, to see friends and be healthy doing it. Thank you all for being so diligent about precautions in and around this building!

As you do this warmup set, try to keep your stroke count the same every length even when you pick up your tempo.

Don’t be afraid to really shake those legs out on that kick set, then sprints your arse off when you get to the swim and kick -with -fins on the 100’s!

Breath control sprint fly or free at the end. Enjoy🐬🐙🦑🐡

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