Open Water at Camp Rockmont 3 Thursdays in May!

Howdy! We have an opportunity to swim at Camp Rockmont’s gorgeous little lake in Black Mountain starting tomorrow evening (Thursday the 6th) at 6 PM for one hour.

It’s a shallow lake and will warm up quickly but yesterday was 66F, tomorrow I suspect will be 68F and beautiful with wet suit or not.

If you’re up-to-date on monthly or six month dues it’s FREE for you! If you’re a guest or have been paying as you go recently it’ll be a $10 drop in fee. The club is paying $100 for the hour so we are hoping to have a minimum of 10.

It’s a great way to combine a road bike session or a brick of some sort if you’re into that, not sure about changing facilities but restrooms likely.

Available Thursdays are: Thurs, 5/6Thurs, 5/13Thurs, 5/27

Please text me if you plan on attending tomorrow. We will sign up week by week. My # is local area code 7six8.24one7

I want to thank Camp Rockmont and the waterfront director Lauren Clifford for making this possible🙏

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