Quicker Wednesday!

Howdy! The YMCA Piranhas club team is back in the morning from 6 to 7:15, so those five lanes are busy. There’s still plenty of space in the other five lanes, but there’s more elbow room the second hour of the morning, and 11 AM to 1 PM is wide-open.

Recently, Misty Varnell and Team (Amy and Spence) Cocanour raced in separate triathlons.

The dynamic retired duo traveled to race the Pinehurst Triathlon Festival where Amy came 3rd in her age group and Spence was 2nd in his AG after a 4-5 minute mechanical issue was just the ‘rest’ he needed to crush his run. Y’all are inspirational! Great job 🤛🏼🐬

(Above: Amy and Spence. This is from May 2020, not from the actual triathlon!)

Misty raced in the White Lake Spring international distance triathlon this past Sunday and was fourth woman out of the water overall – sixth in her age group. Well done, Misty!

(Misty V.)

Enjoy your Wednesday aquatic meditation!

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