Congrats and Welcome Back

This past Sunday, at least five of the Asheville Masters Swimmers cranked out a whopping 7500 yards in 2.5 hours in celebration of Jay Mahler’s 75th birthday! Well done all!

Above, Adrienne, Jay and Misty swam length for length supporting one another! Not pictured are Jim D. and Jim G. in different lanes cranking it out as well.

Taking on water and fuel likely meant feeling better at end! 🤪🐙🐒🐠

Welcome back to the coaching spotlight, Ian Quinn! Ian coached us for two years, and we’ve missed him the last 20 months!

Ian enters his fourth year this July as UNCA’s full-time swimming assistant coach and we love having him here this month with us.

Lifted right from Ian’s Instagram page!

We’re gearing up for a Lake Lure morning soon. It’ll likely be a breakfast and an open water swim opportunity at Steve Bradshaw’s. We’ve also requested time at the 50 m outdoor rec park pool. More soon!

If you’ve recently done an open water swim event or triathlon please send us a picture and a link to race results and I’ll be glad to announce your awesomeness!

A few workouts recently including Jay’s spreadsheet.

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